Our Mission:

Our passion is robotics
We develop fun robotic kits and sensors for LEGO MINDSTORMS, Raspberry Pi, and Arduino that are easy to use, fun, and have real-life applications for scientists and engineers . . . and those aspiring to be.

Our Latest Products and News

The GoPiGo Launches!

GoPiGo is a Raspberry Pi Robot The GoPiGo is the worlds first rolling robot for the Raspberry Pi.  The kit comes with everything you need to get your Raspberry Pi rolling.   Our Kickstarter campaign launches today!The GoPiGo is a complete robot package for the Raspberry Pi. It c . . . Continue reading

Google Buys Dexter Industries for 3.1415 Billion Dollars

Google Expects more 404s We are excited to announce that Dexter Industries has been acquired by Google for 3.1415 Billion Dollars!  Read on for more information about our new partnership! Cupertino, CA --- Google confirmed on Monday that they had recently completed the acq . . . Continue reading

Arduberry Air Horn Project

We recently launched a Kickstarter project called the Ardubery.  We wanted a simple way to celebrate each new Kickstarter Backer for our Arduberry project.  What better way than with an airhorn? In this project we take an Arduberry and use it to b . . . Continue reading

New Kickstarter Project: Arduberry for Raspberry Pi

Arduberry stacking Arduino Shields on a Raspberry Pi A few days ago we launched our second Kickstarter Campaign, the Arduberry.  The Arduberry unites the Raspberry Pi with the Arduino, allowing you to add any of the hundreds of Arduino shields to your next Raspberry Pi project. The Raspberr . . . Continue reading

SpacePi: Launching a BrickPi, Raspberry Pi, and Raspberry Pi Camera by High Altitude Balloon

Preparing the BrickPi and Raspberry Pi for Space A few weeks back we completed our mission to launch a BrickPi, Raspberry Pi, and Raspberry Pi camera up into near space with a high altitude balloon. We have completed our documentation and made a video of the of the launch.  You can see the details . . . Continue reading

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