New Partnership, EU Customers Better Served

Today we would like to announce a new development in our partnership with Generation Robots.  In an effort to better serve our European customers, starting today, Generation Robots has become the exclusive distributor of Dexter Industries products inside the EU Economic Zone. For the past two years, we have had an extraordinary partnership with Generation Robots. Did ...

Robots Ate My Job 2

We’re big fans of the radio show Marketplace on NPR.  Marketplace recently did a fantastic week-long peice on how robots are changing the economy, for better and (some people think) for worse. Did you like this? Share it:Tweet

Early Computers

Early Computers
We saw this fascinating article on the New York Times about mechanical computers. Long before the digital age, computers were being used for practical purposes. We saw this post in the NY Times and it reminded us of something that we saw on our first trip to China: a Jacquard Loom.  Arguably, it might be ...

“E” is for Engineer

“E” is for Engineer . . . Did you like this? Share it:Tweet