Win a Free dFlex Sensor!

The dFlex has landed!  To celebrate the dFlex release, we’re
offering three ways to get your robotic hands on one of these

    Get it now:  obviously, the quickest way is to go to
    the dFlex page, and buy it.

    Our Twitter-thon:  
    Follow us on twitter and retweet the message:
    The dFlex has landed!  I want a #dFlex for
    Lego Mindstorms NXT by @dexterind
    You're automatically entered to win a free dFlex.  That's
    it: all you have to do is follow our twitter feed and
    retweet the message.  

    We’ll randomly pick a tweet, and tweet the winner of our
    twitter contest on June 18th on our twitter feed.  

    Our Facebook contest:  
    You can enter to win a free dFlex and Dexter Industries
    T-Shirt!  Just tell us how you’ll use the dFlex.  

    Post a quick description of your idea on our
    messageboard here (two sentences or more about how it
    works, what it would do) about a design or creation you’d
    use the dFlex for.  

    (NOTE:  For some users, the above link does not work.
    Go to Dexter Industries Facebook page link on the right,
    proceed to "Discussions" and select the dFlex
    discussions page.  Add your entry there!)

    With the help of our judges, we’ll pick the most creative
    idea and send you a free dFlex.  Make your creation and
    we’ll put a video and pictures of it on our website and
    Facebook page!

    We will announce the winner of the Facebook contest
    on June 18th on our Facebook Fan Page.
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